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1/72nd Scale Aircraft F-14 Tomcats VF-1, VF-14, & VF-142 -- Stock# AC72-0044
1/72nd Scale Aircraft F-14 Tomcats VF-1, VF-14, & VF-142
    Quantity: Quantity in Basket: None

    Stock Status: In Stock


    Circa: 1940-2006

    Scale: 1/72nd Aircraft

    Equipment Type: F-14 Tomcats

    Instruction Sheet: AC72-0044

    Description: This set includes VF-1, VF-14 & VF-142 decorations. The F-14 was initially equipped with two Pratt & Whitney TF30 (or JT10A) turbofan engines with each providing a maximum thrust of 20,900 lb (93 kN) and giving the aircraft an official maximum speed of Mach 2.34.[34] The F-14 would normally fly at a cruising speed for reduced fuel consumption, which was important for conducting lengthy patrol missions.[35] Both of the engine's rectangular air intake ramps were equipped with movable ramps and bleed doors to meet the airflow requirements of the engine but prevent dangerous shockwaves from entering. De Laval nozzles were also fitted to the engine's exhaust.

    Also available in the following Scales:
    1/48th Scale Part#:AC48-0044
    1/72nd Scale Part#:AC72-0044

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