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Metal Signs
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Back in Stock

These are decal sets that are back by popular demand. You can click on the part# below to navigate to that part#
DescriptionScales Available
Metal Sign - 8" - Union Pacific Railroad 10002 
Metal Sign - Railroad Crossing (Crossbuck) 10012
Grand Trunk Western Diesels (1961-1992) O Scale: 48-185
Santa Fe Cabooses; 2 sheets O Scale: 48-230
UP Cabooses w/ Black Outline Lettering (1980's+) O Scale: 48-276
Santa Fe Warbonnet GE Dash 8 and Dash 9 Diesels (1991-1996) O Scale: 48-277
SP Diesels Black Widow Cab Units O Scale: 48-44
Union Pacific EMD Cab Diesels, 1947+ O Scale: 48-444
Missouri Pacific & Texas & Pacific Passenger Cab Units O Scale: 48-461
Penn Central Diesels (1968-1976) O Scale: 48-647
Missouri Pacific Diesels O Scale: 48-704
Chesapeake & Ohio Hopper Cars (1935-1956) O Scale: 48-712
Alphabets - Railroad Roman - White O Scale: 50001
Chessie System 60' & 86' Boxcars HO Scale: 87-1283
N Scale: 60-1283
Union Pacific (UP) - Yellow Sans-Serif Lettering, Heavyweight Dark Olive Passenger Cars HO Scale: 87-1397
N Scale: 60-1397
Ontario Northland (ONT) - Polar Bear Express FP9A, Steam Generator, and Passenger Cars  HO Scale: 87-1443
N Scale: 60-1443
 Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR) Early Freight Cars - 1949+ HO Scale: 87-1510
N Scale: 60-1510
Seaboard System Diesels (1980-1986) New lettering -Diesel HO Scale: 87-398
N Scale: 60-398
Santa Fe Dash 8-40BW, Dash 8-40CW and Dash 9-44CW Diesels (1991-1996)-Diesel HO Scale: 87-637
N Scale: 60-637
O Scale: 48-277
Missouri Pacific Diesels (1962-1974) Diesel - Hoods & Switchers - Blue Scheme with Eagle Logo HO Scale: 87-74
N Scale: 60-74
CP Diesels - Cabs - Maroon & Grey Scheme HO Scale: 87-87
N Scale: 60-87
Louisville & Nashville Diesels (1958-1962)-Diesel - Solid Blue or Solid Black Schemes HO Scale: 87-917
N Scale: 60-917
Alphabets - Railroad Gothic - Yellow HO Scale: 90106
N Scale: 70106
Alphabets - Condensed Roman - White HO Scale: 90031
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