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MicroBond System Pack with MicroPrep. - No International Shipping on this item -- Stock# MB-SP2
MicroBond System Pack with MicroPrep. - No International Shipping on this item
    Quantity: Quantity in Basket: None

    Stock Status: Out of Stock


    Scale: N/A

    Instruction Sheet: MB-SP2

    Description: MicroBond System Pack with MicroPrep. - ATTN: CANNOT be shipped Airmail, Priority Mail or Internationally. System pack includes all three viscosities of MicroBond + MicroPrep. MicroBond is an advanced adhesive and industrial strength. MicroBond has sheer strength and will stand up to assorted expansion and/or contraction properties of a different material. Will bond to rubber, assorted ABS and styrene plastics, brass, steel, resins, leather, wood, etc. Not intended for foam surfaces. For bonding to Delrin, Celcon, etc., treat the bonding surface with MicroPrep prior to bonding. Bonds in seconds, cures in 5 minutes. System pack includes nozzle top for MI-11 and includes MI-11 MicroPrep, a surface treatment applied to a difficult to bond surface (Delrin, Celcon, etc.) prior to bonding and or painting. Use a brush or pump action nozzle to apply. Wait for MicroPrep to completely evaporate prior to bonding with MicroBond or painting with your favorite paint (enamel paints tend to adhere better over a longer period of time). Use with adequate ventilation. Avoid any contact with eyes and skin; avoid breathing vapors. The residue is destructive to tissue of the mucous membranes, upper respiratory tract, eyes, and skin. Always wear safety glasses. Use gloves (impervious rubber or plastic) and discard after each use. In case of eye or skin contact, flush with warm water for at least 15 minutes and seek medical attention. If ingested, seek immediate medical attention. MicroPrep is flammable - keep product away from open flame and children. -- NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING --

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