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Below we have put together a cross reference for you to find substitute paint colors from alternate paint manufacturers besides Testors Floquil line. So lets say you are wanting to paint something with Testors Floquil "Coach Green", with this chart you will see that Tamiya has an alternate #71 Cockpit Green that will do just fine.
These won't be absolutely "bang on - dead ringers" but hopefully they will get you close enough into the ball park. Of course anyone can migrate to a Scalecoat or Tru-Color. The following colors still need to be tested by dipping in the jar and painting a few swatches. The following chart is for reference only. Use at your own risk, but I'm pretty confident in the colors. Hope this helps for future projects.
If anyone would like to contribute to this on-going cross reference, please feel free to email us

Model Paint Manufacturers Index

  • VA - Vallejo
  • MM - Model Masters
  • TE - Testors
  • TS - Tamiya Spray
  • GS - Gunze Sangyo
  • HU - Humbrol
  • XF - Tamiya

Paint Types Index


  • A - Acrylic
  • E - Enamel
  • F - Flat
  • G - Gloss
  • M - Metallic
Floquil Color Manufacturer Part # New Color Name Paint Type Sheen
 Dust VA70.820 #4Off White A 
 Rail Brown VA70.795 #216Green gold A 
 Primer MM1730Flat Gull Gray EF
 Engine Black MM1747Gloss Black EG
 Reefer White MM2720Classic White EG
 Reefer Grey TE1233Flat Light Aircraft Gray EF
 Grimy Black VA70.924 #94Russian Uniform WW2 A 
 Railroad Tie Brown HU10Service Brown EG
 Flat Clear MM2015Flat Clear LF
 Aged Concrete VA70.976 #120Buff A 
 Weathered Black XF56Metallic Grey AF
 Caboose Red 110020 MM1705Insignia Red EF
 Flesh VA70.928 #6Light Flesh A 
 Tuscan MM1701Military Brown EF
 Reefer Orange HU18Orange EG
 Reefer Yellow MM28104Chrysler Yellow EG
 Railbox Yellow MM1708Insignia Yellow EF
 Brunswick Green XF63German Grey AF
 Burlington Northern Green GS 66 Bright Green AF
 Dark Green MM1710Dark Green EF
 Light Green MM1716Pale Green EF
 Depot Olive XF5Flat Green AF
 Pullman Green HU86Matt Light Olive EF
 Coach Green XF71Cockpit Green AF
 Dark Blue TS15Blue AG
 Light Blue XF18Medium Blue AF
 Missouri Pacific Blue TE1172Flat Sea Blue EF
 Missouri Pacific Lighter Blue VE70.961 #67Sky Blue AF
 Missouri Pacific Grey HU40Pale Grey EG
 Great Northern Sky Blue MM2715French Blue EG
 Conrail Blue MM2012Cobalt Blue EF
 Signal Red 1 MM2719Italian Red EG
 Roof Brown (Orig) VE70.941 #148Burnt Umber AF
 Dust MM2010Sand Beige EF
 Boxcar Red XF64Red Brown AF
 Earth MM1706Sand EF
 Concrete MM1726Light Sea Gray EF
 Mud XF57Buff AF
 Foundation MM1709Radome Tan EF
 Antique White VE70.918 #5Ivory A 
 Grime MM1733Camouflage Gray EF
 Depot Buff HU81Matt Pale Yellow EF
 Caboose Red 110088 HU133Satin Brown EF
 Old Silver MM2714German Silver Metallic EM
 Bright Silver MM1402Stainless Steel EM
 Bright Gold HU16Gold EM
 Brass MM1417Brass EM
 Copper MM2922Champagne Gold EM
 Gun Metal TS38Gun Metal EG
 Graphite TS40Metallic Black EG
 Southern Pacific Lettering Grey MM1729Gloss Gull Gray EG
 Southern Pacific Lark Light Grey VE70.884 #104Stone Grey A 
 Southern Pacific Lark Dark Grey MM1791Navy Gloss Grey EG
 Union Pacific Armour Yellow TE2118Deep Yellow EG
 Southern Pacific Daylight Orange MM2770GO Mango EG
 Southern Pacific Daylight Red VE70.910 #27Orange Red A 
 Southern Pacific Scarlet Red MM2733Ford Engine Red EG
 Platinum Mist VE70.883 #152Silver Grey A 
 Union Pacific Armour Yellow(faded) HU103Matt Cream EF
 Union Pacific Harbour Mist Grey XF20Medium Grey AF
 PFE Light Orange GS109Character Yellow EF
 Southern Green MM1764European Green EF
 Southern Freight Car Brown HU186Brown EF
 Santa Fe Red TE1150Flat Red EF
 Santa Fe Blue MM1719Insignia Blue EF
 Santa Fe Yellow MM2023Blue Angels Yellow EF
 Santa Fe Mineral Brown MM1785Rust EF
 Reading Green HU116Matt US Dark Green EF
 Tuscan Red TE1140Brown EG
 Oxide Red MM2009British Crimson EF
 Canadian National Orange #11 VE70.911 #22Light Orange A 
 Canadian National Grey #17 XF55Deck Tan AF
 Canadian National Yellow #12 MM1707Chrome Yellow EG
 Canadian National Green #12 HU1325Green E 
 CNW Yellow MM201Cadmium Light Yellow EF
 CNW Green XF70Dark Green AF
 Wisc. Central Gold TE1112Light Yellow EF
 Wisc. Central Maroon MM 28112 Honduras MaroonE G
  TTX YellowVE70.949 #10 Light YellowA  
  MKT Green GS 312 Green EF
 NYC/PC Green TE4210Verdigris AG
 CSX Grey TE1226Flat Dark Aircraft Gray EF
 CSX Blue VE70.809 #54Royal Blue A 
 CSX Black TE1147Black EG
 CSX Yellow MM1707Chrome Yellow EG
 SOO Line Red HU1321Red E 
 Zinc Chromate Primer MM2003Skin Tone Warm - Tint EF
 Aero Light Gray Primer MM1728Light Ghost Gray EF
 Aero Base Black Primer MM1749Flat Black EF
 Aero Base White Primer MM1168Flat White EF
 D&H Blue MM2940Racing Blue EG
 D&H Grey MM1721Medium Gray EF

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