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CONTACT US / 800-722-5306


All order questions or inquiries should be directed to;

Please direct other questions and railroad inquiries to;

Microscale gladly accepts comments and suggestions on how to improve our products. If you have an idea on a new decal set, or how to improve an old set, let us hear from you!. If you would like to see us make a new decal sheet and would like to help, we will need photographs, drawings, logos, color chips, etc. of whatever road name your interested in. The kind of material that we are looking for:

  • Clear, sharp photographs showing the subject from all sides (if possible). Straight-on shots are preferred.

  • Color paint chips or very accurate color photos. If you have a Pantone Color chart; provide the color value.

  • Close-up detail shots of any lettering and / or logos.

  • If you can, please provide measurements of any lettering or logos. Length, width, and height are needed if you can get them.

  • Any drawings of the prototype in question. Large format Blueprints are acceptable as well.

Shipping Comments: If you send us material, be sure to protect them from damage during shipping. We are not responsible for material lost or damaged during shipping. Also, make sure you provide a return address marked clearly on the envelope. If you want your materials returned to you, please be sure to enclose a note saying that you would like all material returned to you when we are finished. If we accept your material to be used in an upcoming project, you may receive credit as a contributor on the instruction sheet, bragging rights to your friends, and a decal gift from Microscale.

Legal: Microscale does not endorse you breaking the law in order to obtain data for us. Do not trespass on private property or violate laws just so you can get that one perfect shot. If we find out that you violated the law, we will not use any material that you provide.

Shipping Address

Please send all material and inquiries to the following address:

Microscale Industries
Attn: Railroad Dept.
18435 Bandilier Cir
Fountain Valley, CA 92708

Contact us via phone or fax by calling:

(800)722-5306 (Orders only)
(714) 593-1422 (Main Number / General Information)
(714) 593-1432 (fax)

Phone Orders: If you wish to purchase decals over the phone please be prepared with your list of part numbers and credit card (MasterCard or Visa only). Some of our decals are for online purchase only so check our website for those details. All phone orders are subject to a $20.00 minimum and shipping and handling will apply.

Microscale is open from 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday - Friday Pacific Standard time. Sorry, we cannot answer long, difficult questions over the phone since we do not have the personnel to handle such calls. Please send us Snail-Mail or E-Mail if your subject is long and / or complex.

If you need to know whether we carry your favorite road name or need to know the stock number, we suggest that you use the online catalog here on this website. The online catalog is is maintained by us and is updated with the latest information every month.

Career Opportunities:

To inquire about job opportunities, please go to our: Human Resources page


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Microscale Industries
18435 Bandilier Circle
Fountain Valley California 92708
Phone: (714) 593-1422
Fax: (714) 593-1432